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Zombie Night Madness 2

No one was prepared when the zombie apocalypse came, but a handful of survivors was lucky enough to survive. Now, they are trying to continue their lives. All is well in their safe house, but their food and medical supplies is really low and they badly needed those. Some of the survivors volunteered to get some supply in the nearest town. They brought a truck with them to carry all the supplies back to their camp. They know that this won't be easy, yet they are determined to do it to save some lives.

Dive your truck as fast as you can, but beware of some obstacles on your way. Of course, you can always shoot the zombies and that won't give you problem, but there are vehicles, blockade that will damage your truck if you can't avoid them. Grab as many coins as you can as you can use it to buy some upgrades. The idea in this game is to reach the finish line, but you know that it won't be easy. You need to upgrade your truck little by little till you are able to reach the finish line. You will see your progress at the bottom of the screen.