Zombie Truck 2

You thought everything was OK when you escape from the walking dead, but little that you know that the threat is just starting. While driving, your partner felt the need to pee and when does, something happened. You heard him screaming. When you got there, he was eaten. You know that you need to escape.

Drive your truck through those zombies. Blast them before they can get close to your truck as they will damage your truck. Save some people while you are driving. Use the money that you earn to buy upgrades or better guns. You will need better guns since there will be some big bosses in this game. Bosses can come early in the game, so you need to be prepared when playing. Picking up some survivors will help you to earn more, so you can afford better guns, upgrades and to repair your truck. Remember that even if you have some bumper protection, it doesn't mean that hitting a zombie with it won't damage your truck. Try to avoid contact with any zombies as much as possible. The game gets harder as you advance to the next level. The game is played via mouse and keyboard.