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Zoo Parking

In the wild animals are hunted not only for their meat, but also for their skins. Fortunately, there are organizations kind enough to take care of them. Most of these organizations are connected with zoo, to where they put the animals in. There, are fed, and treated like a friend. People goes there to get educated about animals. They won't need not to worry about anything no more since all is provided. The zoo makes money from the people that visited the park. The managements makes sure that the animals in the zoo are well-taken care of.

You are a driver and you need to get to the animal to transport it to another place. It could be done to get treated or anything that would be for the well-being of the animal. There is a timer and you need to get to the animal at all cost. However, that won't be that easy, especially that the road is wreck. You need to maneuver the truck to get to the animal. Once, you get to the animal, you need to transport it to another place. The game would be harder and much more challenging as you make some progress. Remember that you have a limited life in this game and you need to drive safely all the time.