Zoo Truck Game

A life of an animal in the wild is unpredictable, one day, they would be in great condition, the next day, and their health would suffer because of some disease. There, they might be eaten by another animal of get shot by poachers. Either case, they would die, but if you are going to compare that to a zoo where they would be take care of, their life is much better. Of course, there are a few expenses at the zoo, but most of it can be covered by the money that is coming from tourists.

Animal’s life is truly much better at the zoo, compared to the wild. The only sad thing is when they are too old because the zoo can’t take care of them anymore and they would die of old age. The zoo need to replace their attraction since that is where the income comes from. They would need a new shipment of animals. It might be a new born animal, but most than likely it would come from the wild. Of course, they would have to teach the wild animals some new trick for it to be the attraction of the zoo. The new animals would be hard to teach since there are savages, but they can learn. All that is needed is a few dedicated staff.

In this game, the idea is to deliver the animals to the zoo as fast as you can. The game has a time limit and not be able to deliver on time would mean failure on your part. There are the minimum number of animals that you need to deliver. Failure to meet that requirement means you fail the game. You need to drive your truck as fast, but as safe as possible to get there without losing most of your cargo.