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18 Wheeler Traffic Jam

Getting stuck in a traffic jam is really annoying since this mean that you will be delayed on whatever appointment you will be in. Aside from that, traffic jams will make it harder for your to maneuver your car to our destination. There is also the danger of a coalition since there are too much vehicles on the road. Now, can you imagine the hassles truck driver are facing. a truck is bigger than any average vehicles on the road. Maneuvering the truck will be much more harder compared to a car. Its body its bigger and it have a huge amount of weight. One mistake and there will be an accident.

In this game, you need to maneuver your truck at the other side of the road. You definitely need to make some smart decision here as there will be some accidents if you make even a single mistake. After you finally reach the destination, you need to park your truck the right way. The clock is ticking, but it doesn't mean that you have a time restriction in this game. It is only for the purpose of scores. Of course, if you want a greater score then you need to do it much faster. Unlock more trucks as you progress in the game. Expect that it will be harder.