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Ambulance Trucks Hidden Tires

When we are in trouble, we go to the police for their assistance. They would go get the bad guys, but what if it is not a bad guy. Of course, when something like that happened, we can go to the hospital so they can look after us. They have the medical facility required to take care of you. They might charge you a bit, but that is nothing compared to your health. It is priceless and you should take note of that when considering something is worthless or not. When a person is too hurt or is bed ridden then he won’t be able to get to the hospital.

It is that time that a family remember can call on the ambulance as that is a sure way to get there. You might find other vehicles that you can use to take the patient to the nearest hospital, but they won’t be equipped with some quick aid facility and your family member could die on that transport vehicle. Besides, there won’t be any person with the knowledge to save a person’s life in a public vehicle. This is why, it is important to call the hospital to take the patient to the hospital.

This game I played via mouse and you don’t need to drive anything. All you have to do is to find the tires before the timer is done for. You need a clear vision in this game as those tires wont; be easy to find. If you are able to spot a tire then click on it and you would need to find the others in order for you to move onto the next challenges. Can you spot all the tires before the timer expires? This won’t be easy as the time is short and you would need to find them before it stops. If that is the case then you would fail the game.