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Army Driver

If you want to be part of the army then you need to forget about a lot of things, perhaps those that would come between you and your job. You need to be free since those things would not let you do your job to the highest distinction. In other words, they would become a hindrance and would have prevent you from doing your job. The law come first before anything else and it meant that you need to obey even if that means that you need to arrest one of your love ones. In the army, you are considered as a family and you need to disassociate yourself with the outside world as that might come between you and your duty.

AS such, you have been assigned to drive the jeep since you are the best and the only one capable of handling the vehicle with care among the other soldiers. Your superiors trust your skills when it comes to driving simply because you are the best of the best and they can’t trust no one with that vehicle. They need to give it to the best they have since the jeep is a important piece of equipment for the military. There are ethers, but they can’t drive like the way you can do it.

In this game, the idea is to get to the safe point in one piece. It means that you need to make sure that no harm will come to the jeep. There would be other vehicles on the scene and they would start firing the moment that you encountered them. You need to avoid their projectiles as that would damage your jeep. Shoot them down if you have too since you only have a few rockets to spare and when all of them are gone, you can’t fight back anymore.