Big Truck Adventure 2

If you are just a newly graduate, you should not be choosy since everyone else id looking for a job. If you are not that bright then you don’t have much of an option. You need to have some god friends with in the industry since they are the ones that would help you out. If you dot’ then you won’t go far in you chosen industry. That is the world all about and there would be no one to help you. That is the reason, why your parent want you to study hard in college and hangout with the right friends since they would help you someday. It is just right to be picky with friends since that would determine if you would be someone else in the future. Choose your friends wisely as that would determine your status in life someday.

However, you are not that bright and your friends aren’t the studious type. When you graduated from college, you didn’t’ get any academic achievements and that certainly affects your job searching. You have a hard time in searching a job because your grades aren’t good enough. A friend helps you to get hired as a porter and you are proud of it. You befriended the truck driver and in return he thought you how to drive the truck. When your friend decided to part ways with the company, you are the one chosen to replace him as the truck driver.

The idea here is to deliver the cargo to its destination as fast as you can. There is a timer and you need to accomplish your task as soon as possible. However, if you go too fat, there is a danger of losing your cargo and that won’t help you in this game. The game gets challenging g as you make some progress.