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Castle Hero

Since the beginning of time, man has been trying to expand their territory. This cause them to do battle with another group. This is what started every war that you can think of. One castle that seems to be happy with its current state isn't interested in war, but other groups want the castle for themselves so they declare war. Fortunately, there is this one guy that is willing to protect the castle no matter what. He would do anything under his power to stop the invading forces from getting into the castle. He is armed with stone, arrow, and a gun to protect the castle from invasion.

The game is played via mouse you need to make sure that none of the enemies can get close enough to the castle. There is only a limited life bar for the castle and it can't take too much damage. The castle will fall if it can't take too much damage. You would start with just stones to throw at your enemies. You will earn some points as you successfully defended the castle form attackers. You can use the points to upgrade old weapons or unlock new weapons.

Good luck on defending the castle. You would need a lot of it.