Crazy Car Parking

Parking a car is not as easy as most of you think since it need precision and you also need to have some common sense. Parking defends on the parking space itself since you would need to make a few adjustments while maneuvering your car, but all of them includes making sure that you won't hit anything or anyone while you are parking the car. If you can do that, then you are on the right track and you need to sharpen your skills. If your driving skills aren't that refined then you need to sharpen it a little more, so that you can handle yourself while driving, which include parking your car in tight spaces.

Drive your car carefully till you reach the parking space. Try not to hit anything since that would damage your car and when your car takes too much damage then that would mean the end of the game. You need to do this several time before you can go to the next level, so try not to damage your car in as much as possible. Every situation would be different, but most of the time, your car would need to be park in the most unusual way and that would make it even harder for you.