Days of the Dead

During the medieval times, there are no powerful guns that they can use against an all out attack, but they use a bow and arrow to defend their fortresses. When the dead has risen from the graveyard, they can only defend on the archers as no one would want to fight these undead head on. For an obvious reason of course, they just can't be killed by stabbing or hacking. Some potions are use to equip the arrows with the means to kill the undead. The village defends upon you and you need to make sure that none of the walking dead can come close. Defend the wall at all cause.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot the undead till they die. You earn money based on the undead you killed in the battle. You use it to buy better weapons and have your wall repaired. Aside from money, you can also gain more skill, to which you can use to better your shooting skill. You can also learn magic as you move along in the game. Use magic every time you can't handle the situation. Aside from weapons, you can also purchase some items, which will better your character.