Death Call

During the Wild west times, killing was some sort of fun and everything was in chaos as there are lots of criminals roaming from one town to another. The government can't control them, so they hired someone to take down every one last bit of them. Immediately, the guy created a name for himself. Soon, every criminal knows him, but they don't know his first name. One day, two thugs were talking in a bar about him. When he heard about it, he quickly introduce himself and killed them both.

The game can only be played via mouse and the idea here is quick draw. You need to be quick or you end up being killed. You need to point and click the cursor to where you want to shoot the bullet. Try to be fast as the thugs would shoot you first if you are too slow. You earn money from killing thugs. You earn some reward money as addition if you are good. You can use the money to buy better weapon. Remember that this game deals with the fact that you need to kill in order to leave. You can't dock in this game, so you need to shoot first before they can even react.