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Dinosaur Truck

More than 60 million years ago, dinosaur was dominant as nothing else is above them. They prey on the other creatures over land, water and air. Anywhere, you go, there were dinosaurs. Fortunately, those terrible lizards are just a thing of the past. But, is that true? Are there no more living dinosaurs today? Scientists were baffled by these arguments for years, but now, they found out that some of the dinosaurs are still living in a remote island. A team of explorers were sent to retrieve some eggs, since some scientists plan to bring the dinosaurs back. Of course, they don't care what consequences it might bring as that would make them famous all over the world.

In this game, you just need to deliver the dinosaur eggs to the lab. There are no timer in this game, and you can finish the game in as fast or as slow as you want. You need tpp defend the truck against rampaging dinosaurs since not only they would stole the eggs from you, but your truck would also take damage. You need to shoot them before they can even get closer. Each kill would earn you money, but there is another way to make money in this game. You just need to deliver the eggs and you would get paid for it. You can use the money to upgrade your weapon.