Dora Candy Transport

Dora is one of those lovable characters who is friendly with animals. She hangs with them most of the time and she makes them happy by solving their problem. The animals in the forest are her friends, thus she always hangs out with them, but Dora knows that she can't always hang with them since she needs to work to feed herself as she is getting old. Her family can't support her forever and that she would one day have her own family. That is why; she got a job as a truck driver delivering some candies. Of course, she likes candies and she make sure that the candies are delivered on time to her clients.

In this game, you need to deliver some candies on time. No, you can't go wrong in this game and not deliver it since the path is already determined. However, you might not make it in time in delivering those candies. You need to wait till the last candies are in your truck before you drive your truck. Try not to lose any candies, but if that is too impossible then just make sure you have enough candies to make it to the next level. The game would get more difficult as you make some progress.