Earn to Die 2012 Part 2

Last time, you tried to escape the desert, but you failed since the helicopter that flew fell down. Fortunate for you that you found an old truck and you use that to travel miles. You are able to cover lots of distance, but the army of undead are relentless. It seems that you are not going to come out of this one alive. They keep on coming no matter how hard you tried. One thing that they want is to eat you and turn you into one of them. Of course, you don't want to be turned into one of those zombies.

When you find an old truck abandoned, you thought that this is your chance since no one is using it. You can find some parts and make some repair, so that you can use it for your travel. However, there are zombies everywhere and traveling is dangerous even if you are inside a vehicle. They would break thought that vehicle and eat you. You need to fortify your ride to make sure that they can't get you. Those zombies must not reach you as they would feed on your flesh and honestly, you won't want to feel that.

This game is a continuation of the old quest with some new vehicles for you to use. The goal here is to get to your destination, but that won't be easy since there are a lot of debris and zombies along the way. As you cover some distance you would earn some money. You can also earn some money from killing some zombies, but that is not a reliable way to earn money. Use the money to upgrade your truck as you would need that reach the finish line. When you reach the finish line, you would unlock a new truck.