Endless Tour

A travel agency want to offer the best package as they are planning something that would interest the client for life. That means that the client won't go out of the bus anymore. Now, your job is to get the tourist to see some important sight. There be lots of them and your job is to keep them interested. Actually, nothing would last a lifetime, but the tour is about using all the gas in the bus. The bus will keep on moving till it loses gas. When the fuel is gone then the tourist will come out and will not return anymore since the tour is over.

Drive as fast as you can till there are gas left on the bus. Keep on steering the wheel as this tour is non-stop and will require you to drive till there are no gas left. You would know where to go since there is an arrow sign that will guide you to where you should go. Upon arriving at the destination, you would receive points. Keep on driving and the arrow will guide you to another tour sight. The game goes on and on as long as there is fuel left.