Extreme Trucks ( Europe)

Everyone dreams of making it big someday ad if you are not one of them then you would be a nobody for the rest of your life. You would be the laughing stuff and everyone else would look down on you. You need to have a dream and that is the reason why you need to persevere in life since only those who has accomplish something are respected in this life. The others are just laughing at you so you need to do something to make sure that your dreams would come true no matter what it is. When you were in college you were not that bright, so finding a job after graduation is not that smooth. Fortunately, you have a friend that has his influence and he helped land a job.

Soon enough, you found that having a job would not make you happy. You have a dream and you want to be an extreme truck driver and prove something to the world. Well, targeting that position requires you to be an extremist and so you are to put your life in every performance. It is the stuff of stunts and you would need to satisfy your boss in doing so. Otherwise, you won’t have someone to fund your hobby. When you found that there would be extreme truck drive across Europe, you told your boss about it and he was very proud to sponsor you.

The idea in this game is just like any normal vehicle game since you would need to get to the finish line safely. However, you are going to drive a monster truck and the road ahead would be full of danger, so you do understand that everything up ahead would be dangerous. You need to overcome that to get to the finish line. The game gets harder and challenging as you make some progress.