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Farm Express

Farmers have been planting some seasoned crops all year round. They are waiting for the time that they can sell their farm produce in the market. That is their much awaited moment since that is the time, when they can make lots of money that they can use on anything that they want. Of course, you you need to drive it to the market before you can sell your farm produce.

You need to connect the tractor to the trailer before you can drive the tractor to the market. You are set to go once you have connected the tractor with the tractor. Drive as slow or as fast as you want. Just don't let the farm produce fall out of the trailer. Also keep in mind your safety. Nothing can be delivered if your truck crash. Drive as fast as you can since this game has a time limit. Try to balance your tractor at all times so the farm produce won't fall at all. Once you are in the market, carefully drop the produce to the drop zone. Make sure that the farm produce are in the drop zone or that won't count. The game will be harder as you progress in the game.