Farm Parking

A tractor is very important for a farmer since it not only use for tilling the land, it also can be use to deliver the goods to the market. That is how important a tractor is for a farmer and the latter makes sure that their tractor is in the best condition. They don't want it to rot in one place unprotected from the elements of the weather. After, the soil is tilled, the farmer need to store it where it is far from the heat of the sun or the coldness of the snow. He needs to hide it where he can easily see it. He needs to park it somewhere near his house.

This game is not concern on how fast you could drive. As far as the game goes, you can finish it anytime you want, but it will help in your score if you are able to finish each level fast. Drive the tractor to the designated location. Remember not to hit anything since it will damage our tractor. You already knew what happens if the tractor can't take it anymore. Follow the arrow to your designation. Anyway, if that is not enough then there would be another arrow that will clear things out for you.