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Fire Truck Driver 3

Summer is the month of fire and firefighters are very wary of this. That is why, they are on high alert every summer, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t’ have afire outbreak on months that are close to December. Actually, they did have some cases wherein even on colder month in ber months wherein they that they would have been going to people’s places because of fire incidents. A fire fighter must be ready anytime soon as they need to be there every time they are needed. A fire outbreak is not something to be expected as it happened everyone no one is expecting it. They just need to be there when it happened.

You know this from experience as you have deal with fire outbreaks countless times in your career as a fire fighter. You know that getting fir is just part of the equation as you need to be strong enough that you can handle the situation. You need to be in tip top shape or you might be in a situation that you would need strength to do something and you can’t do it. When that happen, you might get yourself in trouble and there would be no one to save you. You can’t rely on other people since they won’t be there to save you from an accident like that.

The idea in this game is to get to the fire outbreak in as fast as you can. Remember that you are needed and you can’t rely on someone. You need to make sure that your truck would be whole before you can get to the site. It means that you need to get there in working condition. If you bow up before you can get to the site then you fail the game. It would be a long drive, so you need to be careful while driving.