Fire Truck Hidden Letter

This might be the month of the hearts, but it doesn’t mean that the possibility of a fire outbreak would be out of the question. A fire outbreak could happen anywhere and anytime since other people are so careless. Not that they like it to happen, but accident does happened when you least expect it. But, if you are not going to limit the chance of it from happening then you might be in trouble. A fire outbreak isn’t certainly funny and you would not want it to happen to you since it might result to loss of your house or even a life of your love ones.

They say that summer is when most fire incident happened, but the truth is that it could happen anytime. Of course, summer would have the highest level of danger since everything is dry. Dry material easily ignite in the presence of heat. The first thing that you need to do in order to prevent the fire from burning others things is to sprinkle it with water. It doesn’t have to be from a hot, but a bucket of water would do if that is the only thing that is immediately available. If that stop the fire then your choice would be to call in the big guns. The fire truck is just a call away and they would be stationed in the nearest fire department.

In this game, you don’t need to worry about getting burned since there are no fire outbreak in this one. The idea here is to find the hidden letters in the fire truck. The only consequence is that you would not be able to get to the next level if you can’t figure it out where to find them. There is a time limit and you would need to find them all before it ends. The game is played with a mouse and the game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.