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First Aid Parking

Driving is not easy as you might incur an accident even if you are already good at driving. Let's not talk about those newbie driver as they would really have a hard time driving a vehicle. Let's talk about military driving since those guys are really are professional when it comes to their work. However, that won't save them in times of their work as there are lots of things that might happen while they are driving. Of course, there would be lots of land mines, barbed wires and enemies shooting you during times of war. It is easy to say that you would avoid them, but surely, are you sure that it would be that easy. No one can say that they won't be able to commit a mistake in their lives.

In this game, you need to do three task. First tasks is to get to the designated area to pick up the box. Of course, you would be driving along the way with all those mines, barbed wires and other things that might be dangerous. You need to drive carefully, but you also need to consider the time since this game has a time restriction. Pick some coins along the way for more points.