Freeway Jam

The road is dangerous as it is full of high-speeding vehicles. You might think that an expert driver would not have a goose bump whenever they are driving at such crowded area. The truth is that they do have goose bumps whenever they are driving because they do know that one mistake is all it needed for them to meet an accident on the road. It doesn't really necessary mean that you are a bad driver as accidents do happen and whenever that happens, it is usually fatal. Now, if you are a new driver then the danger would be higher since you don't know how to deal with it. It is advised to be accompanied by an expert driver, so you can be assured that someone could save if things goes wrong. In this game, you'll experience how dangerous driving really is. You would be driving a car in a crowded area. Grab some money lying on the road as you would be needing it to upgrade your car later. There are also some repair kit that you can grab to have your car repaired on the road. This game won't be easy, but that is the challenge that you need to overcome.