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Fugitive Frenzy

In every part of the world, you can expect to see a criminal gang operating on stealing some of high end cars. Over the years, high end cars become popular and in demand. However, only a few people can afford such as it is really pricey. That is why; some people would buy stolen cars just to get their hand on high end cars. As a car thief, this is your chance to earn more. You need to steal a high end car successfully. However, these cars are well protected and it would be impossible steal alone. Fortunately, you have your own gang to help you with. Just focus on your job.

Get in the car and drive it to the new area. It is a parking space faraway from the current location of the car. After that, you need to run as fast as possible to get a way from the scene of the crime. Make sure that you won't get hit by moving cars on the road. Then you need to get in the car once again and drive it to a new location to complete the crime scene. All of these must be done as fast as you can since you have a limited time for all of these activities.