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Gopher Exterminator

Gophers are pest and they are doing lots of damage in the garden area. Someone, who likes the garden finds them as a pests they destroy the garden. Yes, they are part of nature itself, but in the world of mankind, they don't have a space. The forest is where they belong and they can reproduce there non-stop. But, in the place where a man lives, there can't be any golfer. Well, that is what the pests exterminators are meant to do whenever they are needed. They make sure that any pests in a local resident be taken care of.

In this game, you are the exterminator and you need to take care of the problem. That means that you need to get to the area first before you can do your job. However, that won't be easy since you got a long drive ahead and you might get an accident on the road if you are not careful enough. Safety should be considered whenever you are driving on the road since there are lots things that might result to an accident and in your work, you need to be prompt or you would lose the client. Once, you get to the house, you need to exterminate the gophers there.