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Grand Theft Counter Strike

Anywhere you go there is always danger. That is why; it is a wise decision to be vigilant, so you can defend yourself in any way you can. We have only one life, so we need to take care of it from anyone that is trying to do us harm. Whoever, they are, we must do our best not to let them abuse us in any way. It is important that we fight for what we believe in no matter what the cause. Even if, we end up losing at the end, at least, we stand up for what we believe in.

The game can only be played via mouse. The idea here is to shoot your enemy before they can even react. You don't want them to shoot first as you can't dodge in this game. You can only outshout them. You have a limited ammo, so try to make most of them count. This is a one level game, so don't let anyone shoot you. Just keep on shooting till the last bullet. Enemies won't stop appearing as long as you have life in you, which means that the fighting never stops.

Be vigilant and kill all of your enemies!!!