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GTA 5: Car Thief

Looking for a job is always hard since there are lots of people competing for the same job. Being a graduate of something doesn’t guarantee that you would get a job since others might be better than you. If you want to have a job then you need not to be picky as there are other people that are better than you. And since you didn’t finish your study, your chances of getting a descent job are too slim. Fortunately, you have other skills, but some of them are not to be brag about since it is illegal and you are going to end up in jail if you got caught.

You work as a cars thief and you know that this thing is illegal; that is why; you never bother to tell anyone about your job. It is not a good work, but this is all you can do and without a job, your family would surely starve. You don’t like your job, but you need it since you have a family to support and you can’t sit back while doing nothing. There is no way that you would want to see your family starving to death while others are eating and have a great life.

This game is an open world clone of grand theft auto that got popular in the gaming industry. The idea here is to steal some cars, but we always know that someone would be out to get you if you do that. And that is what are cops for, they would be on your tail if you done something wrong. Sad to say, you are the bad guy in this game and you would not want to get caught. You can expect that things would get even harder and more challenging as you make some progress.