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After some time with stealing cars, you have proven yourself to the underground mafia and now you are part of them. Whoever, it doesn't mean that things would be easier as their client wants you to steal some luxury cars. You know that this would be tougher than your previous jobs since most of these cars are highly guarded and has some kind of device that would easily grab attention. Anyway, the boss wants you to steal a car that they can to the clients. Again, this won't be easy as single mistake here might end you up in jail and that would be your end.

You work as a car napper in this game and you would need to steal some high-end vehicle to supply the needs of the clients. You need to get close to the vehicle, so you need to walk without you getting notice. When you get close then you would need to open the door and get on the car. Of course, the first mission would be a breeze as you just need to get inside the car and drive it to the safe zone. However, as you make some progress, it would be harder and harder.