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GTA: Carmageddon

We were taught to look left and right when crossing the street for obvious reasons. It is for our own safety. Of course, who would want to have an accident as you might end up in the hospital and spend most of your time there. It might take months for you to heal up and enjoy all the things that you can enjoy before the accident. What is even worse is that you might die from the car accident.

If you are driving, you would not want to have an accident since that would be a total bummer. You have to pay for the hospital bills and you might end up in prison. Of course, none of that would happen to you if you are a responsible driver.

However, in this game, being responsible is not your main concern as you need to hit as many people as you can within the allotted time. Sure, it is not a humane way to drive, but to hell with that. This is just a game and your objective is to kill as many people within 90 seconds. There are no other levels in this game. As soon as the 90 seconds is up then the game is over. Better hit as many passersby within the allotted time.