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GTA: City Driver

After you graduated from college, you need to find a job as you can't depend upon your parents anymore. You need to go out there and earn some money. You read a newspaper that a local taxi operating company needs a driver. You thought of applying there since you can't be choosy right now. You badly need the job and you know how to drive. Upon getting to the company, you are hired on the spot as they need a driver. Now, it is up to you on how much money would you like to make. You need to go out there and look for passengers.

The idea here is to make money for the company. You need to drive around to get some passenger. You would know a passenger depending on the green circle aura. You need to stop there, so the passenger would hop on the taxi. The sooner you get the passenger to his destination, the more money you would make. Always drive carefully on the road as you might hit someone or you might crash your car while driving. Truly, you need to be a skilled driver and make sure that you won't hit anyone or anything for that matter. Remember to go to a gasoline station to fill up your car, so your driving won't be over.