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GTA Crime City Game

The world is as tough as it could be and if you are not getting to be tough then others would simply walk on you. They would just abuse and use you. They think that they are better than you and would not treat you as equal. That is the problem with society since others would just abuse you if you are nice. They would make you work for them even if you are not getting anything from it. They think that you are scared of them or something. S, next time you decided to help someone, make that these guys are worth it. Some people are treated like trash since they don't care about other people. Find someone that it is worth it before you help them. If it would be be much better if you know them a lot longer. In this city, where crime is being committed almost everyday, no one is safe as the law can't be there all the time. There are times that you need to take the law by your hands to make sure that you would be safe. It is not easy to trust anyone no more since times have change and some people might take advantage of you because you are very kind. They might think that it is your responsibility and starts abusing you. No, this is not an exaggeration. In this life, you need to be tough and show everyone that you are as tough as can be. Remember, that you are here alone and everyone else is on their own. No one would help you if you are down. Some people might start kicking you for no reason since they feel high and mighty when they do that. They might want to feel better and say that they are better than you. Who knows, they might be a victim at some point, but that is not your problem. You have your own life and you are the only one that could answer to your life. Crime is on the rampant and there are killings everywhere. The government is concerned, so they sent some of the Special Forces to control the situation. You are one of them and you are among the best. The city is filled with gangs and drugs lords and they are causing some trouble to an average people. The situation cannot be controlled by cops as they are powerless against the crime lord. This game is a third person-shooter game. The idea here is defeat the bad guys, and clear the city of these guys. You need to take out every last one of them and that won’t be easy to do. You need to use everything that you can use to be able to do that. There are vehicles and guns that you can use to do that. The game is all about an agent who wants to clear the city of crooks. The mafia rules the land and you need to get rid of them in every possible way. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.