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GTA: Dangerous Drifting

Driving is one serious challenge since you are putting your life in danger. You need to be an expert to avoid accidents, but sometimes accidents do happens to the best of us. This just mean that you can't be ready fora true accident. That is why they call it accident since no one can prepare for it. However, if you are going to participate in a race then the chance of accident would triple since the speed is maximize and there are some booby traps. Aside from that, the competitors would need to do some drifting along the way.

The idea in this game is get to the finish line three times. Of course, there won't be another race if you can't defeat the other racers. There would be bombs on the racetrack, but it won't destroy the cars. it would just slow them down. You need to always get ahead, so you be sure that you can win the race. The game become more intense as you make some progress. There is is a prize money on every race and you can use that to upgrade your car. Upgrading is your option since most upgrades are pricey.