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GTA: Drive by 2

Everything in the city is fucked up and you don't like anyone. You know that you need to kill as many guys on the street and be a top guy. Sure, you would be chase by cops and they would start shooting at you. For one thing, that means that you are well-known and not some kind of wash-up old guy. Because no one would stay as young as they were before. It is up to you to make a name for yourself and this is the only way that you can see yourself being notorious on the road.

The game is played with a mouse and you have unlimited bullets that you can use to keep on shooting anything that you see on the road. Don't think, that you won't be chase by cops as there are some point in this game that it would happen. But, you can just bust those cops and go on with the game. Of course, rule in this game is to eliminate anything on your path. That only means that you need to be on a shooting spree in this game as there won't be anything that can stop you in this game.