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GTA: Driving Force 3

The New Age Dragon is a highly organized crime. Police are after the group, but because of the fact that they are highly organized, they are too hard to deal with. The cops were closing in one of its members, but the member of the gang launch an attack against its pursuer. Soon after, the cops were all dead and the criminal is on the verge of escaping with the helicopter he have stolen. You have been dispatch in the area and now you need to take on the helicopter. The helicopter is armed with machine guns and missiles, so it would be a dangerous mission.

You need to take down the enemy as fast as you can. But before you can do that, first you need to get closer. There are other cops in the area and you need to avoid colliding with them. You need to drive carefully since you might not make it to the copter if your car crashes before you can even make it. Make sure that you are able to dodge the bullets and missiles of your enemy. The game would be harder and more difficult as you make some progress.

Do you think that you can take out those New Age Dragon?