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GTA Freemode Events

The open world-game play is a truly remarkable experience because you can create your own story. And now, with the recent release of Grand Theft Auto Online Freemode Events, things will become more exciting than before. To give the greatest challenges to its players, GTA Online takes advantage of the most recent generation of consoles and PC hardware. Players won’t need to experience the hassles of loading time, menus and lobbies. You’ll go straight through playing with your friends and things would be spontaneous as each challenges promises to be unique. While you are using Freemode an event could occur anytime. You control which event would appear by customizing your session. You control how much you want to play of this new content. Each Freemode events can have lots of variations, so you would experience new opportunities for reaping those GTA$ and RP in GTA Online. If you don’t like to play the usual game play then you may search for the “King of the Castle”. Here it is every man for himself, so you would need to claim the castle for yourself. As you got your own castle, you need to defend it against other players that want to get the castle for themselves. You need to make sure that none of the other players could dethrone you on that castle. Another diversion from the usual game play experience is the “Hunt the Beast”, whereas you need to form an alliance with other players to hunt the beast. One player would become the beast, to which you and your friends need to hunt. The update also serves you two new adversary modes such as “Hunting pack” and “Cross the Land”. In the first mode, you’ll be part of a team with a mission to deliver a priority vehicle that could explode anytime soon, if the speed drops the minimum speed. The second mode is also played with a team and your mission is to capture the other team’s territory.