GTA: Gang Battle

New York is filled with gangs and they aren't friendly at all. they would destroy anything if they want to. These guys inflict fear on the citizen so that they could collect money from them. But, one thing that they made a mistake is when they made an enemy out of you. As an ex-marine, you aren't going to back out from a fight. Using your bike and a gun, you decided to take them on. Of course, the gang is furious since they are challenge and now they won't rest until you are dead.

The game is played with a keyboard and you would be controlling a guy with a bike and a hand gun. Of course, the gun varies as you buy them. You make money from killing the biker gang. Once, you have enough money, you can buy better guns, which would make things much easier. But, as you make some progress, the game also become more intense. There would be more enemies that you need to do battle. The game become exciting as you make some progress since there would be more enemies to fight. Just remember that you need to eliminate each enemies as fast as possible since the number of enemies increases by the second. This means that there would be more enemies for you to fight.