GTA: Made in Mafia

After several months of working for the mafia, you got yourself notice by the top mafia named Johnny Burrito. This opportunity doesn't come every time and you know how hard it is to be recognize. Johnny entrusted you to deliver something for him and you don't want to fail him. This might be the start of something good and might propel your career within the group. Of course, this means that you would be earning big money. Anyway, that is the reason why you join the group in the first place. And now, that your career is about to have a huge leap, you don't want to waste it.

The whole idea here is to arrive safely to the base since there are lots of enemies waiting for you when you are driving your car. You need to take them out as fast as you can. Your enemies would shoot at you, but don't be scared since you can repair your car with the car repair kit that you would find on the road. As you accomplish some mission, you are going to earn money, which you can use to upgrade your car or buy a better weapon.