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GTA: Mafia Man

Recently your efforts have been notice by your mafia boss because you are have been assigned to something personal. You need to impress him more, so there would be more like these jobs for you. For sure, this would skyrocket your career as one of the mafia family. This won't make you popular all over the world, but at least you would be paid top dollars since you are a valuable asset for the group. You know that you need to meet with the expectation of your boss for your career to progress.

You are part of a mafia group, but you won't take part in the illegal activities since this game is about parking cars. In short, you are just a car driver, who needs to park the car where it is needed. You need to drive with care in mind since too much damage would stop the game for sure. You need to follow the map since you can see where you are going. The game would get ever harder as you make some progress.

You are one of the trusted man in the mafia group and it is your job to drive and deliver the package or person. Are you ready to be a Mafia Man?