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GTA: Night Thief Madness

The price of a car is increasing and it is almost impossible for an average guy to buy a car. But, we all know that stolen cars are cheaper than most cars and are in demand today. That is why; some people are making it there business to steal some cars since they know that they would have someone to sell to. Usually these guys do their car-napping at night when nobody else is awake. They know the danger, but that won't stop stop them from doing it since that is the only way they know to make money. It is illegal and they would be sent to jail once caught, that is why, they make sure that they won't get caught when they are doing these jobs.

The idea here is to steal a car, but not any car since there would be a designated car that you would steal in each level. Don't worry about it very much as you would know it is the right car since an arrow would point you to the right direction. The game gets more difficult as you make some progress. Better make sure that the spotlight won't hit your truck while driving.