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GTA: Pick up Truck Racing

A pick up truck is used mostly in the mountain since its motor is strong that it could be driven in such terrain. Also, most people living in the mountain would have use it to carry something. However, it would be rare for anyone to use it on a race since there are cars that are meant for racing. But, one thing is sure, with a motor like that, you could really use it in a race. Sure, most car racer wouldn't ever dream of doing that, but in the province, some folks might thought of that since they don't have much money to buy those cars for racing.

In this game,a pick up truck is use for racing. The idea here is to get ahead of the rest of the trucks. This won't be done in the mountain and it would be done in a regular racing track. To win the game, you need to pass the starting line three times. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress. You'll win part of the prize money and you can use it to buy some upgrades for your truck.

Are you ready to prove that you are the best in racing?