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In general, it is not a cool thing to be a bully since you would be hate by most people. But, being a bully is different from trying to protect you or you love one as you have something to fight for. When someone came to town and harass your family then that would be the right time to fight them. Most of these guys have their connections and that is why, they are brave, but when you start fighting then they would change their way of thing and recognize you. Of course, don’t’ try to be a bully like them since you wont’ be like by most people. If you have to fight to defend a you or a love one then do so, but if you can stay away from such people, it would be better since these guys are up to no good. When a local gang member move in to your area, you know that he would do no good and you started to avoid him. But, he didn’t’ like it and started harassing you, eventually threating your life, so you got no choice, but to fight back. However, you thought that it would end when you defeated him. What you didn’t know is that he had called in some of his friends and now they are out to get you. This game is player versus game (PVP). In case, you didn’t know there would be over 100 players that can play this game at the same time. It is some kind of a death match where only one would remain standing. Players can choose to enter the game solo or with buddies. Each player would be parachuting their way to the map area. The plane's flight path across the map varies with each round, requiring players to quickly determine the best time to eject and parachute to the ground.