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GTA: Road of Fury 2

Cole was the last remaining survivor of the last encounter with the thugs. They wipe off clean his tribe and now he is all alone. They take something from him, but he also takes something from them. Cole is using the most highly developed car from the gang. It is a smooth ride so far, but things are about to take a wrong turn since some of them manage to follow him. This is going to be a hell lot of ride and the gang would be ganging up on him. Cole knows that he needs to do everything to defeat them.

Fortunately, he encounters Jessica, who got her own problem with the gang. She joins in the fight against them. She got her own RV and things would be even tougher for both of you. Jessica knows them and would rather fight than to give in to their demands. That gang is bad news, but Jessica knows that they would get an even greater threat if they are not going to do something about the situation. The gang calls in some more reinforcement, but Cole and Jessica would rather die than to give in to their demands.

In this game, the idea is to drive as far as you can. You earn money base on the distance that you traveled and the enemies you kill. Of course, there are other ways to earn money in the game. Use the money to upgrade your vehicle. The more you upgrade your vehicle, the stronger it gets. Also, you have the option to change your current weapon into something new. You start with just Cole, but Jessica and another one would soon join in the fun, giving you a better chance. The game gets exciting and better as you make some progress.