GTA: Swift Burnout

The prize is high as the race is dangerous and you could lose your life if you are not careful. Drivers, who joined this race prepare for it most of their lives and they have mastered not only how to drive, but know the consequences as well. They are not doing this for the mere prize since there are a lot of jobs that are safer than being a race car driver. They are doing this for the excitement since nothing can quench their thirst for excitement. They are putting their lives since they might die from doing such stunts, yet, that can't stop them to participate in a race.

The general idea is to get the number one position in the race, but any position would do as long it is not the last since you would earn money. You can buy some upgrade with the prize money at the end of each race. You would unlock more levels as you win the race. The game gets more thrilling and exciting as you make some progress. Every level would be different and it would be a challenge since this is really a hard game.

Do you think that you can beat the best?