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GTA: The Great Robbery

Times are hard and since you don't have the proper education, you can't search for a descent job. Your family needs the money since they haven't eat for several days. You are out of your luck and all you can do is rob some money. This is dangerous and not descent, but you don't have a choice. Time is passingby and each moment, your family is starving. They can't wait for you to find a descent job. The easiest job, but a dangerous job is to steal. You can't do anything in your power as your family really needs the money. Decency can't feed your family and you have no choice since you don't know anything except to steal.

In this game, you are the robber and you would need to avoid those passing police cars or that would be the end of the game. The game gets harder and more challenging, but that is why is get exciting, so you need to do something in order for you to progress in this game. You would surely enjoy this game since there is always the thrill of getting caught in the act. The challenge that you need to meet in this game is not to get arrested and you won't get arrested if you are able to get way from the scene of the crime.