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GTA: Theft Super Cars

You are an honest guy and you want to be fair with everything you do. You got hired as a car driver and you know that your boss isn't a good guy. That is why; you promise yourself that you would get out of there once you have enough money. One day, your boss called you up and ask you to deliver some money to his partner. You got caught and you loss the money. Your boss bails you out, but, this is the start of your dilemma as now, you are indebted to him. Your life would never change as you are now a car thief.

Drive the car as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. At least, that is what you need to do, but that won't be easy since there would be cops chasing you around. Also, there would be obstacles along the way and it won't be easy for you to drive on the road. You need to collect as many gems as you can since you can convert it to money and you can use the money to buy better car. The game would be more challenging than before as you make some progress.