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Happy Wheels

If you be stuck in the wheelchair all of your life, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world for you. You can do anything as long you believe you can do it. At least that is what we must think in order not only to survive in this world, but to thrive wherever we would be or what condition we might still have right now. The disability is not a problem if you believe in yourself as there are lots of people with disability who have a high situation in a this society. As long as you believe that you can do it, there is a chance for you to go somewhere. If you stop trying then that would be the end of you and people would look down on you forever. Life can be tricky sometime, but don’t let that hold you back as you can do anything as long as you believe that you can and you keep yourself pushing forward. When you have that accident a few months back you thought that life is over since you lost the ability to walk again. But problems are not going to get easier if you quit, you know that you need to fight back and prove to the rest of the world that you can’t put a good man down. When you heard about the race wherein all participants would be coming from all walks of life, you know that this is your chance to prove something. In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line in one piece. Well, at least, you need to get there no matter what. As long as you ever to get to the finish line, you would be a winner. You can choose any of the different characters, but some characters need to be unlocked before you can play them.