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Heavy Driver

We all know that parking is not an easy task since you might get an accident if you are not careful. You might see it as an easy task since you see that all the time on the road, but those drivers are scared since they might hit someone whenever they are parking their car. Well, that is nothing compared to parking a truck since it is bigger and definitely heavier. It means that it is harder to control and to maneuver it, you need lots of patient as you can't rush things. Little by little, you can park your truck safely to a safe spot. Perseverance is needed in parking a truck.

The idea of this game is to park your truck safely. No, you can't afford a mistake since it is not tolerated. You would need to restart the game if you bump something. The sooner you park your truck would be better since there is a timer and you need to park it before the timer ends. Don't expect that things would be easier as you make some progress because that is totally a lie. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.