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Heavy Tow Truck 2

Working as a driver in a towing service means that you need to have a clear mind. There would be a lot of hassles in this work, but that is part of the job and you need to deal with it in a civil way. You need to be responsible with your actions. This isn't a time for you to go crazy and drive like hell. You need to do your job as a well-mannered driver for a towing service. That means that you should stay away from trouble. Try not to hit any other vehicles and people on the way.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the vehicle that needs to be tow. Once, you are there, you need to park your truck with the backside facing the vehicle to be towed. Deliver the vehicle to the towing zone, where it should belong. Make sure that you won't bump into any other vehicle, more importantly people on any occasion. The game gets harder as you make some progress, so always stay sharp. There are 21 levels in the game that you need to conquer to finish the game.

Do you think that you are up to the job?