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Heavy Tow Truck 3

Whenever a vehicle stops and got broken in the middle of the road. People call in the tow trucks because the broken vehicles can cause some heavy traffic on the road. Tow trucks are also needed whenever some vehicles are being pulled over as the owner can't pay it on time. That is how important a tow truck is to the community. This also proves that we need someone, who can drive such truck.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the destination. Try not to bump into anything as that will damage your truck. You know that your truck will crash when you the life bar is dwindle down to zero. An arrow will be pointing you to the right direction. After, you accomplished the task, a new task will start. Each level would be a continuation of the last level. All your damage will be repaired after you finish the task. This game is not time restricted, but finishing the task early would surely give you better points. You need to perform task after task to be able to finish the game. The idea here is to park your truck in the designated parking spot correctly.