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Every boy wants to own their own toy truck because that is where they can develop their skills as they grow. Well, at least, they are that serious with their driving skills. Anyway, they are doing it as serious as they can since they are having fun with it. With a toy truck they are able to experience how to drive a truck in their little world. Though, most of us think that it is nothing serious, for them it is as serious as it could be and they don't want to commit any mistake while driving. When they grew up, they are going to become good at driving if they decided to continue with whatever they want to be.

In this game, you get to experience being a child again as you are going to drive a toy truck inside your home. Well, sort of since this is just a game and you are just driving the truck in a virtual world. Well, enough of that as it is less important. You need to get to the parking space as fast as you can. Park the truck with utmost care as you don't want to damage the truck.